The Lions take to the road as they pay their first visit to the Altrincham Aces on Sunday 22 November 2015. Face off at 5.30pm.

Having entered the Laidler Conference after several seasons in the Moralee Conference the Manchester Minotaurs reverted to a previous team name as they became once again the Altrincham Aces. With the changes they began the process of re-building their team in their efforts and hopes of making a speedy return to the Moralee Conference.

The Aces first season is proving a challenge as several teams in the Laidler Conference have strengthened up and have acquired the financial backing to assist their own promotion efforts. The Aces season has proved to be rather mixed to date so they will be looking to bolster their confidence with a big win. Of the nine games they have played to date they have collected four wins and five losses. The Aces started their season in the worst possible way as they suffered a crushing loss in their first game to the Deeside Dragons 9-1 but as the team got up to speed the return game with the then conference leaders (Deeside Dragons) was to prove a much tighter affair but still ended with a loss 4-6 which proved to be a definite improvement on their previous outing against the Flintshire outfit.

Last week at Widnes the Aces ran the Wild close with a 8-5 loss which does indicate that this Aces team does have some firepower that will need to be neutralised when the Lions hit the ice on Sunday.

This game has all the appearances of a classic and the Lions will have to work solidly for the whole of this game to achieve a positive result and once again the second placed Dragons will be looking for the Lions to miss out and strengthen their own chances of nicking top spot.

The first meeting with the Aces at the National Ice Centre finished with a 6-3 win for the Lions.

Last Sunday, as expected the Hull Jets came to Nottingham to really give it a go and they certainly made the Lions work in order to get the win and a 5-3 result is testimony to how competitive this conference can be and will be throughout the whole of the season.

No chance of a rest, except on the team bus, for the lads as it will be definitely down to business on Sunday evening in order to keep what has been an excellent season for this young squad, on track.


Saturday, 21 November 2015.